By: Applied SIMS | June 04, 2019

Want to confirm if the delamination is caused by chemicals or contamination introduced during the processing at a specific layer? SIMS can provide you the confirmation!

Delamination is often caused by the residual of corrosive gases used or contamination during the semiconductor processing. When delamination is observed, comparison between good and bad areas confirm the suspected culprit. 

As illustrated in the chart above,  a typical SIMS measurements include the matrix species and the suspected contaminant. Because SIMS has ppm to ppb level of detection limit, it can detect many species which may cause the problem while other technique such as XPS or EDS failed to observe.

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By: Applied SIMS | May 31, 2019

Neither were we.

With conventional SIMS the profile is smeared and often unusable.  Our customer were demanding better way to measure ALD films. That's why we developed new High Resolution SIMS

Want to fine tuning ALD growth processing conditions? You will certainly need High Resolution SIMS.

SIMS is fast and cost effective way to measure concentration and correlate the profile variation with processing conditions.

By: Applied SIMS | August 25, 2017

Think again.

TEM is expensive, slow and lacks crucial information such as accurate composition and contamination distribution and concentration.

A smarter approach is to start with High Resolution SIMS depth profile to obtain:

- composition depth profile with ~1 nm depth resolution

- impurities depth profile with ~1 ppm detection (try with TEM!)

- interface contamination pile-up

A lot of ALD film quality is determined by the interface. Do not be stuck with standard TEM looking for answers.

By: Applied SIMS | July 19, 2017

We are selling surplus original CAMECA IMS 6F/7F Eucentric Rotating sample stage.

Rotating stage is optional equipment developed by CAMECA specifically for inhibiting surface roughening during SIMS analysis of poly-crystalline materials.

The Rotating stage is fully functional retrofit to a 6F/7F instrument and may be inspected by appointment.


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